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Our Next Location

As the dust settles on our epic first journey, we sit at home during another lockdown reminiscing to days gone by on the golf courses of Scotland, dreaming of another trip away together. It was a special 9 days on the road and on the course, but the people we met were one of the reasons we enjoyed it so much. The Scottish islands seemed to be home to so many kind people, we are starting the think that the unkind ones maybe get thrown off shore!

Even so, as we stare at the warm weather outside dreaming of being on the golf course, we are in the planning stages of our next voyage! We are so lucky to have so many brilliant golf courses, hotels and people living on these islands we call the British Isles, and so many of them have so many stories to tell, and lives to share with us as we travel through. Often the chance meetings with our very best friends have been the most unexpected, and none more so than on the road. Filling up petrol, eating fish and chips by the seaside, asking a passer-by for directions. Seemingly random activities, but then you strike a conversation with someone, an hour goes by, and the rest is history!

This is none more so than when we had the chance to meet Former Defence Secretary for the UK, and Former Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen before walking into the hotel to get a bite to eat as the sun was setting on a beautiful day on the course in Islay and were treated to one of our favourite interviews on our journey. A quick comment about our camera gear, and five minutes later we were talking about everything from Islay to politics to photography! Chance, fate, destiny, who really knows, but it was a lot of fun, and just the beginning of many more days on the road, and many more amazing people to meet!

More content coming soon, and of course, it's Masters Week!

Chris and Louis

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