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Fairway to Heaven: Introduction

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

What a day!! It began at 5.30am - I could see the sun peeking through the window beckoning me to get out and film the early mist clearing and the magical shapes of the fairways appear. It was as though the course was being sculptured before my eyes as the mist rolled back gradually revealing each and every hole. I was incredibly grateful after what has been a turbulent year that my son and I had the opportunity to once again step foot on the golf course together. So many years have passed from our old golf trips. Louis was only 6 years old then! But now, we have the chance again, and the local courses are the perfect warm up as we plan our huge trip to Scotland in the very near future. More announcements coming soon!

The course after a little rain recently ran hard and firm but each hole brought a different challenge.

As I lay in bed at 9pm exhausted I repeated to myself - What a day!!!

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