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Lockdown in the UK: Our Different Lockdown Plans

Where was the last location you played golf? What are your plans now that the courses are closed? How are you getting your golfing fix?

After the terrible lockdown news for golfers, we have a little post for everyone to keep everyone smiling, shot on our last day of golf before everything closed up! In this video, we talk about our lockdown plans, and it looks like we have very different schedules for the lockdown period! We kept it short and sweet, but please do feel free to comment with any feedback at all, and we are very happy to take all feedback on board to improve our videos in the future.

Unfortunately, for now, our Father and Son's Fairway to Heaven golfing journey is on hold, but cannot wait to get back on the road once this all ends!

Meanwhile, wishing everyone the best during lockdown, and we will be creating more content soon so keep an eye out for that!


Chris and Louis

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